During her tennis touring years, Chanelle Van Nguyen chased victories worldwide. This dedication earned her numerous accolades and a coveted spot in the 2023 Forbes 30 Under 30. Today, you will find her training at the Royal Palm Tennis Club, Shenandoah Tennis Courts, or Crandon Park Tennis Center, where she occasionally coaches the next generation of players. Off-court, Van Nguyen creates social media content for her successful Instagram account, where she blends a passion for the sport and style like a champ.


Written by: Sophie Collongette


7AM When I wake up, I immediately splash my face with cold water and moisturize my skin. The final step is a MUST. I apply generous sunscreen on my face, neck, and body. My current favorite brands
for sunscreen are Blue Lizard Sunscreen and Elta MD Broad Spectrum because they are great for sensitive skin. I also always wear UV Sunglasses. My favorite is the Oakley Sutra Lite. They are super comfortable and stay on securely when I’m working out or playing tennis. I also journal and review specific goals for the day.

8AM I enjoy a delicious breakfast, usually oatmeal with turkey bacon or eggs and toast.

9AM I head to the tennis courts and do a dynamic warm-up before practice. Depending on how my body feels and the quality of my practice, I train once or twice a day, with sessions averaging about one and a half to two hours each.

12PM At lunch, I grab something healthy from Carrot Express, Pura Vida, or Sweetgreen. My go-to order at Pura Vida is usually the Chicken Caesar Wrap or Perfect Egg Bagel. If I’m in the mood for a salad, I’ll get the Warm Harvest Bowl from Sweetgreen. I make sure not to eat anything too heavy because I need to digest it quickly for the next session!

2PM I head to the gym or track for tennis-specific fitness. Some days, I focus on weight training and other days, I focus on agility or footwork drills.

5PM Post-recovery snack time! Within 30 minutes of finishing training, I have a protein shake to help my body recover for the next day. I’m obsessed with the Skinny Greens Smoothie from Carrot Express! It’s filled with spinach, avocado, dates, banana, oat milk, and vanilla protein powder, and it’s only 239 calories.

7PM Once I’m home, I usually relax and chill for the rest of the day. When I’m not on the court, I spend my free time catching up with friends, playing pickleball, or dancing on the weekends! I also love reading. My all-time favorite book is “Maximum Achievement” by Brian Tracy because it teaches ideas and methods high-achieving people use in every field. I also just read “Winning the War in your Mind” by Craig Groeschel, which is about practical strategies backed by science and faith that will free you from any destructive thinking or negative habits holding you back. Sometimes, I indulge in an excellent binge-worthy show like Love is Blind or SharkTank!

10PM I’m usually in bed by this time, ensuring I’m hydrated and well-rested for the next day.

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