Patricia Bonaldi, the glamazon behind a beloved, body-loving fashion brand PatBo, isn’t afraid of a challenge. So, when we asked the busy Brazilian to give us a peek at what makes her tick, she gladly accepted. Twelve years after making PatBo’s New York Fashion Week debut, dressing every A-lister, and launching stores in New York and Miami, Bonaldi continues to shine almost as bright as her sparkly creations.


Written by: Anetta Nowosielska


How long does it take you to get ready? For an event, it takes three hours. On my day-to-day, it takes me 30 minutes.

If you could travel back in time, what period would you go back to? I would love to experience different eras, as it would allow me to revisit and reinterpret various trends. However, I have a special affection for the 1970s with its vibrant, tropical energy.

What place do you want to visit next? Egypt.

What’s the first thing you eat upon arrival in Brazil? French Onion Soup.

Favorite junk food? Pizza.

Favorite ice cream flavor? Pistachio

Designing for summer or winter? Summer. That’s my favorite time of the year.

Fill in the blank: Taylor Swift is… Iconic.

What do you need to be happy? I need to be with my family and my little dog, Tischa! I love being surrounded by friends and having a purpose to follow in life—that’s happiness to me.

Skiing in winter or surfing in summer? Surfing in the summer sounds more fun!

Biggest sartorial inspiration? I admire Elsa Schiaparelli for her innovative and avant-garde approach to life.

Sequins or embroidery? Embroidery.

Color you can’t live without and one you would never wear. Love green; not a fan of purple.

Sex and the City or Real Housewives of Miami? Sex and the City.

A carb you can’t live without. Pão de Queijo.

Last song you downloaded? Diet Mountain Dew by Lana Del Rey.

Texting or talking? Texting.

Fill in the blank. If I could give one thing to women in Miami, it would be… PatBo looks!


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