Our own Jen Karetnick gives us a sneak peek at the fourth edition of her wildly successful culinary guide.


In 2017, I wrote the guidebook The 500 Hidden Secrets of Miami, published by a Belgian company called Luster. As one of its first U.S. markets in which to expand, the company chose Miami for its multiculturalism, modernism, and diverse attractions. Luster’s choice proved correct. Despite Hurricane Irma hitting in 2017 just as the book went to press, it went into a second edition in 2019, a third edition in 2022, and now, a fourth edition has just been released this summer.

Each time, I update the book—which is divided into chapters and then written in lists of five, such as “The 5 Best Places to Find Stone Crabs Without the Wait”—with as much new information, categories, and entries as possible to keep it fresh.

Below is a sneak peek at several of my favorite places included in the book. New this year: a QR code that comes with the purchase gives you access to two free walking tours, put together by yours truly. The 500 Hidden Secrets of Miami is available online and at Books & Books.




When I crave a bottomless brunch, I don’t head for eggs benedict and mimosas. Instead, I go for dim sum, dan dan noodles, and roasted Peking duck at art-tech interactive Hutong. You can serve yourself the last two items from stations scattered around the restaurant and order dumplings and bao buns to be delivered to the table. The endless booze includes a “Comfortably Numb” cocktail, comprising vanilla vodka, lychee liqueur, Sichuan pepper-infused honey, and a rim of dried Sichuan peppercorns that literally numbs your tongue and lips.



It’s in a Hialeah strip mall, complete with a valet-free parking lot. The Franco-Cuban owners bring their heritage to the table with dishes like pastelito de foie gras and guayaba, or seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras in pastry, topped with local guava and toasted pistachios. And its linens, dishes, mirrors, and pictures give offgrandma’s home vibes, which is just how we like it. La Fresa Francesa Bistro is the real Miami deal.



Okay, true, this chic place is hardly a joint. But LPM Miami really is a neighborhood drinkers’ paradise. The bartenders know their well-heeled regulars and what they like to order. LPM also enjoys collaborating with other Miami entrepreneurs like the Coconut Cartel, a rum brand cut with coconut water, to make cocktails like the Bon Tai. And while a lot of bars do dinner service, LPM is one of the few that’s truly wide enough to allow it without rubbing elbows with a fellow local—whether you happen to know them or not.

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