Designed Living

From the opening bell of the stock markets to the excited shrieks of clients in awe, Galey Alix is a multi-hyphenate whose balancing act includes working at Goldman Sachs and redesigning homes. Just check out Alix’ hugely popular social media accounts to witness her infectious energy in action.

Favorite spot to shop? My go-tos for all things home décor are Homegoods and Pottery Barn. They are at opposite price points, however, if you pair one expensive décor item with a few less expensive pieces and do it in the right way, it all looks expensive.

What’s keeping you entertained right now? The two podcasts I cannot get enough of are “Just B” with Bethenny Frankel and “Talking Out Loud” with Danae Mercer. Danae’s podcast really hits home with me because she’s all about self-love and normalizing talking about mental health, especially when it comes to eating disorders and body image… something I’ve battled myself. As for shows… I have one guilty pleasure and it’s the only show I’ve watched in the last year: The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.

Best place to unwind? My backyard, working in my garden while music is playing and my dogs are playing in the pool.

Last meal before you meet your maker? Alaskan King Crab Legs from Truluck’s with drawn butter. I’m a pescatarian solely due to my love of crab legs, which I reserve for special occasions. I think a “last meal” could be deemed a special occasion… though terrifying for the crab. This fall… I am launching my new décor line for Galey Alix Designs.

Recent discovery? Replacing FOMO with JOMO (joy of missing out). Instead of feeling an insatiable need to be doing everything with everyone and for everyone at all times, I’ve been enjoying carving out more time for myself. There’s a joy in doing things just for me and intentionally missing out on everything else. Being more present with myself has become my newly discovered passion.

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