Deepak Chopra, a best-selling author, and pioneer in the field of alternative medicine, returns with his latest title, “Living in The Light,” adding a 93rd book to his impressive collection of works. This time Chopra is focused on all things Royal Yoga, an ancient Indian practice, that can transform your life and start your journey of self-enlightenment.


One thing you can’t live without is… My body.

New Age means… Pseudo-Spirituality, the pop culture attempt to replicate millennia of wisdom traditions.

What are your thoughts on wellness becoming a business trend? If well-being becomes a trend, then the business of life will thrive.

Well-being… Defines itself as a state of being. A state of being which is whole and full of divine discontent and therefore creativity.

Your favorite mantra… Always choose joy. Life is short, transient, and ephemeral. Joy is the only measure of success and well-being. If you don’t have joy, you have wasted your life.

If you could go back in time and meet your younger self, what would you say? Don’t be so serious about hard work, driving ambition, and exacting plans. Spend more time playing.

Do you believe in the multiverse? I believe in infinite universes beyond the multiverse. If the underlying foundational reality of existence is infinite, then it can only have infinite manifestations.

What would a Chopra avatar look like? A semi-permeable membrane with leaky margins.

What is on your nightstand? An abstract painting of infinite Buddhas, some divine, others diabolical, but all awake while I dream.

A signature dish you make that wows everyone in the room is… Mushrooms with scrambled eggs but without the psilocybin.

Is happiness attainable? Happiness for a reason is a form of misery and therefore unattainable.

Any virtues that are overrated? All of them!

Of all the celebrities you have helped, who has exceeded your expectations? Every celebrity I have met is driven by the wisdom of insecurity. They all exceed my expectations since I’ve never met one who is secure.

A word you dislike the most… Righteousness.

The last time you felt profound joy? In the eternal now which, paradoxically, is timeless.

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