Force of Nature

Rugged wilderness meets ultra-luxury at a new wellness sanctum in Colorado’s San Juan mountains.

Speaking with Dylan Bates, the owner and visionary behind RESET, an exclusive wellness and trekking retreat in the heart of Telluride, one quickly realizes that the man is dedicated to his mission. “As a hard-charging CEO, work duties were overwhelming, and I failed to invest in my health,” he admits. “After finding a week-long wellness retreat, I saw immediate and long-lasting benefits on my health. I left feeling like I had truly hit the reset button. I know there are so many people that fail to pause, invest in themselves, and step out of the daily grind to allow their mental, physical, and emotional health to reset.”

And so, RESET was born with a focus on fusing posh amenities, rigorous physical programming, chef-designed, plant-based cuisine and restorative and spa therapies, all designed to deliver a complete physical and mental reboot for those looking to shift from the grind to grounded. To get there, Bates’ idea relies on a simple strategy. At the heart of this six-day retreat, are daily, half-day treks that fully immerse guests in untamed nature.

“Remote and rugged environments stir and invigorate the soul,” explains Holli Owen, partner and managing director. “To experience the elements of nature in the mountains, the ever-changing weather, summer storms, elk herds in mountain meadows, icy cold water of Alpine lakes, the immense beauty of an Aspen forest or field of wildflowers in the Rockies, and then to be pampered and nurtured with butler-style luxury service is a contrast that is truly special. It’s what sets RESET apart.”

The RESET experience features three pathways to challenge and indulge. Recharge is geared for those on-the-go, who seek stillness and reflection. Consider this a journey inward that develops tools to quiet the mind and calm the nervous system with meditation, breath, and bodywork. For those looking for a physical challenge, Reach is the ideal offering. The hikes are harder and the focus is on dexa body readings, nutritional coaching, and meetings with a programs director to discuss personalized fitness plans that yield impressive physical results. Finally, Roam is designed for those who are seeking new ways to awaken their creativity. Arguably most exploratory of the three, Roam pathway includes out-of-the-box adventures, like hiking up the Telluride Ski Resort and paragliding off the other side, climbing the Telluride Via Ferrata, and rock climbing a multi-pitch route up the Ophir Wall, all with an expert AMGA-certified mountain guide by your side.

To further enhance these modalities, guests have unlimited access to RESET’s exclusive wellness center, featuring state-of-the-art fitness equipment, holistic therapy spaces, expert bodywork practitioners, oxygen enrichment, IV therapy, and nutritional coaching, plus a variety of curated spa and evening services that center around recovery and transformation.

To deliver on luxury accommodations, RESET offers branded suites located in a wing of The Madeline Hotel, part of Auberge Resorts Collection. The suites are outfitted with O2 system throughout the guest and meditation rooms to boost and speed up recovery during the week-long program. RESET’s sustainably and locally sourced products and luxurious linens add a special touch to the bespoke environment.

Environmental ethos is at the forefront of all decision making at RESET, and most notably can be found in the whole food, plant-based menu, sourced locally from small production organic farms. Helmed by acclaimed Telluride restaurant group OM Hospitality, the culinary program is a pillar of the RESET foundation and merges classical French culinary training with health benefits, resulting in a menu designed to reduce blood pressure, soothe hidden inflammation, support good digestive health, and enhance vitality.

With all the bells and whistles that define RESET, the objective is equally impressive. “Our goal is to help our guests break out of patterns and tap into their highest potential,” says Bates. “We want to provide the optimal environment to inspire that change.”

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