King of the Road

A pinnacle of SUV performance, dynamic flair, and sculpted lines, Aston Martin’s latest delivery sets a new standard.


The new, head-turning Aston Martin DBX707 has accomplished the impossible. The innovative SUV, the brand’s second release in the mid-size luxury crossover category, has elevated the manufacturer to the apex of superior vehicle makers with a unique combination of powerful performance, supreme dynamics, and unmistakable style.

Taking the V8 DBX’s widely acclaimed design and personality, DBX707 builds brilliantly on its sibling’s attributes. Capable of managing enhanced torque loadings, DBX707’s high-performance transmission allows the output of the 4.0-liter V8 to be lifted to an immense 707PS and 900Nm for more power and torque. DBX707 features a comprehensive suite of engine, transmission, suspension, and brake upgrades. Key to the vehicle’s exceptional handling is its air suspension system that features a dedicated chassis tune optimized to its uncompromising goals.

“Our objective was to match immense performance with impeccable control and precision, combined with an authentic sporting character essential in every Aston Martin model,” explains Aston Martin’s Head of Vehicle Engineering and Procurement, Drummond Jacoy. “The result is a car which sets new standards and further distinguishes the DBX from its class rivals.”

In keeping with its extensive engineering advancements, the exterior and interior of the DBX707 have received an equally thorough makeover. “We expressed the DBX707’s immense performance in ways that create a more aggressive stance and greater muscularity,” added Aston Martin’s CCO, Marek Reichman. “DBX707 is a true performance beast, yet it retains the beauty and elegance you expect from Aston Martin’s DNA.”

For those looking for a personalized delivery, Q by Aston Martin (the brand’s bespoke service) offers an extensive palette of options, from unique graphics to tinted carbons and materials on both the interior and exterior, for a completely tailored experience. For more details, visit

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