Be ‘in-the-know’ with these highly regarded ideas, openings, and experiences this season.



Through September 3rd, ‘The Swans: Artwork by Karen Kilimnik & Dresses from Stephanie Seymour’ at NSU Art Museum in Fort Lauderdale mixes artist Karen Kilimnik’s romantic paintings of stars and fashion models with selections from Stephanie Seymour’s collection of vintage haute couture by the likes of Azzedine Alaia, Courreges, Christian Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, Paco Rabanne, and others. The exhibition consists of imaginatively calibrated vignettes of paintings and fashion through the eyes of two singular yet overlapping perceptions. Don’t miss it!



The ultimate alchemy of technology and nature, the Micro-Lift Concentrate by Guerlain combines latest-generation microencapsulation with the extraordinary power of the orchid’s longevity. This serum offers a long-lasting lifting effect and visibly improves the signs of aging. We can’t think of a better way to face spring.



Looking to quickly shed pounds before a big night? The Bodyslimmer treatment at Four Seasons Bal Harbour, uses vacuum technology with infrared radiation to accelerate the slimming process. The vacuum depresses affected areas, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, while the infrared warms the tissues, increasing metabolism. This promotes the consumption of  calories and excess fat. Each private session lasts 30 minutes and is supervised by a trained specialist. Additional 10 minutes of lymphatic Roll Slimmer exercises round out the service, enhancing the benefits of the treatment. When it’s all said and done, the benefits include improved circulation, muscle toning and eliminating toxins. Oh, and you will definitely look way leaner for the occasion that got you here in the first place. For more details, visit www.fourseasons.com/surfside.



Tired of the omnipresent gadgetry that defines our landscape? Yondr, a California-based company, maybe the answer. Alarmed by our diminished ability to remain in the moment, founder Graham Dugoni launched Yondr to remedy this concerning development. The idea is simple. He manufactures cases for mobile phones that lock the devices preventing their usage in certain places. The organization works with artists, musicians, schools, and event spaces to host fun and memorable tech-free happenings, making tech distractions a thing of the past. For more information, please visit www.overyondr.com.



For the first time in nearly a century, Italian wine knocked champagne off the prestigious Formula 1® Grands Prix podium worldwide. Ferrari Trento introduces its F1 bottle of the winery’s award-winning Brut made from the Chardonnay grapes planted in the Trentino mountains by Giulio Ferrari in 1902. The warm days, cool nights, and extreme altitude of the region give this wine a character different from its French counterpart, with notes of golden apple and luscious yeasty tones. Featured in its own sleek and modern F1 gift box, this limited edition wine is a one-of-a-kind collectors’ item perfect for devoted Formula 1® fans and sparkling wine lovers. It is now available for purchase on www.vinporter.com.



Though Jan Kaláb, a prominent figure on the urban art scene, has recently wrapped up a solo show at Fabien Castanier Gallery in Little River District, his oeuvre a meticulous study of color and geometry, has found home in the collections of some of Miami’s most astute afficionados. From multi-dimensional pieces that curve organically beyond their boundaries to visual arrays of shapes that create fields of chromatic harmony, Kaláb’s work plays with ideas of perception and fluidity. His language as an artist remains minimal and primarily abstract, executed in a visually impactful palette, often incorporating neon blue, pink or orange hues. Kaláb’s installations coexist within any environment without friction, making his work an effortless addition to any collection. For more info on Kaláb’s portfolio, contact www.castaniergallery.com.



An eatery showing up on every Top Ranking comes courtesy of the winner of MasterChef Israel, chef Tom Aviv. Though the menu at Branja Miami showcases global influences, it centers on Israeli flavors and spices as Aviv shakes up traditional Middle Eastern dishes like falafish, fishwarma, and tuktuk Kebab. The blend of Israeli regional dishes with techniques informed by Aviv’s world travels packs a delicious punch. Branja features a 150-seat outdoor terrace, an open-concept kitchen, and a 12-seat Chef’s Table in a visual nod to Tel Aviv circa 1970s, complete with pastel colors, a stained-glass ceiling, and a towering outdoor mural. 5010 NE 2nd Ave. Miami.



Hästens, a Swedish manufacturer of exceptional beds, marked its 170th anniversary by announcing the launch of its drēmər® model. Designed by world-renowned interior designer Ferris Rafauli and meticulously hand-built by Hästens master craftsmen, the drēmər® bed is beautifully upholstered with the unique woven fabric designed by Rafauli. Although Hästens’ official mission is to ensure better sleep for those who can afford its steep price tag, there is more to the company’s mission than comfort. “The drēmər bed is a physical manifestation of the brand’s mission,” says Jan Ryde, chairman, and CEO. “And that’s to make our world a better place.” A dream come true, indeed. To learn more about drēmər®, visit 112 NE 41st in Miami’s Design District.

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