Inspired by the high-speed trains of the 1920s, a storied Swiss watchmaker is on track to deliver major wrist envy.


H. Moser & Cie. has made a name for itself as an innovative, independent Swiss brand. Most surprising considering it was founded by Heinrich Moser over a century ago. I have admired it from afar for several years, noting its double balance spring, beautiful

fume dials, and collaborations with such horological blue chips as MB&F. Another admirable detail: the lack of any logo on many of H. Moser & Cie’s models. Although “many” may not be the proper adjective when used to describe a maker that produces less than 3000 pieces annually.

I had the opportunity to discuss Moser’s latest offering, the new Smoked Salmon Infused Streamliner Centre Seconds, at a recent NovelaWatch Collectors Club event with the brand’s CEO Edouard Meylan. The Streamliner series of watches take

inspiration from the first Streamliner high-speed trains of the l920s and l930s and watches of similar shape from the l970s, which eschew lugs for a fully integrated bracelet attaching directly to the case. The result is a seamless and elegant yet sporty design. It is extremely comfortable to wear, wears smaller than its 40mm case, and looks like no other integrated steel bracelet watch currently on the market.

This history of the Streamliner at Moser goes back to the year 2020, with the launch of the original and no longer available Matrix Green model. Since then, the Streamliner has been offered in various complications, including a flyback chronograph, perpetual calendar, and even a tourbillon. However, this Streamliner Centre Seconds is the simplest version and least expensive, yet. The concept of simplicity extends to the dial design, which is salmon-colored, but not one you may expect. Instead of a rose wine-type Atlantic salmon, this dial is inspired by its rare cousin, the ‘Oncorhynchus kisutch’ salmon, which has an earthier brown color. Additionally, the dial has a fume finish, which goes darker at the ends and, depending on the light, and an invisible Moser logo, only observable when you tilt the watch just so.

The Streamliner series proves that the future is bright for the innovative group at Moser. In the meantime, scoring the special edition Smoked Salmon Infused Streamliner Centre Seconds is possible during a one-year period only. You have been warned.


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