Private Flies

A luxurious West Coast private terminal is scheduled to land at Miami International Airport in 2025.


Formerly known as The Private Suite, PS was the first outfit to open a members-only terminal for commercial flights at LAX in 2017. The one-of-a-kind concept dreamed up the idea that VIPs could fly commercial with all the bells and whistles of flying private. A PS car chauffeurs passengers from the off-site high-end space, complete with its own private TSA check-in, right up to the side of a towering airplane. The guest would then ascend a flight of stairs to the jet bridge after skipping the lines, enter the plane, and plop into the first-class seats right before they took off. PS fans and bicoastal Angelenos will be happy to learn that Miami International Airport is now getting its own PS terminal. The chic space, separated from the huddled masses waiting in the main concourse, will open in the former Pan Am headquarters in 2025.

Acclaimed architect Richard Heisenbottle is responsible for the design of PS MIA and is keeping the historical preservation of the Pan Am building at the forefront of the project. Heisenbottle promises to pay tribute to the past but with nods to the future and amenities high-end travelers have come to expect.

“MIA is a world-class airport, so what better location to offer these wonderful world-class services than Pan Am’s former Miami headquarters, the epicenter of the aviation industry’s golden age?” says Daniella Levine Cava, the mayor of Miami-Dade County, in a statement to the press. “We look forward to welcoming PS MIA and seeing the transformation of this historic building.”

Like LA’s version, PS MIA will include The Salon, which promises to be an elevated lounge experience with cocktails and
light bites. Inside the private suites, expect balconies, spa showers, entertainment centers, white-glove service before and after your flight, customs clearance, a dedicated security team, chef-driven meals, and a fully stocked pantry. Taking it to the next level are on-site spa services, day beds for lounging, and pet services, all before you are delivered to a backdoor entrance of your airplane.

On the return flight, expect the same posh treatment. PS MIA chauffeurs clients directly from the tarmac to their chosen destination. Imagine skipping the Skytrain, baggage claim, and ground transportation chaos with the hoi polloi and arriving in style like a pro.

What is the price for all this pre- and post-flight convenience? An all-access membership runs $4,850 annually, which gets you into The Salon for an extra $695 per person. If you want to book a private suite for the day, you’ll shell out another $3,450 for up to four travelers. Less frequent travelers can skip the annual membership and hit up The Salon for $1,095 per person and a private suite for $4,850 for the day. With announcements to open outlets in Atlanta and Dallas Fort Worth, well-traveled Miamians can truly soar.

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