Second Act

Hip-hop legend Rob Van Winkle, better known as Vanilla Ice, is a man of many talents. In the aftermath of his music career that defined the 1990s, Van Winkle funneled his unique genre of luster into a thriving home flipping business bolstered by TV shows on HGTV and DIY Networks. With “Vanilla Ice Open House” set to inspire a new wave of home buyers, Van Winkle proves that, like a mike, he can rock a tool “like a vandal.”

My favorite souvenir is a platinum plaque from 10 million sales of “Ice Ice Baby.”

I’m most excited about my new show “Vanilla Ice Open House” on HGTV and Discovery Plus, and the movie “To the Extreme.”

The best way to spend the weekend is on the “I love the 90s” tour, dancing around like a teenager.

A place I want to visit is Morocco for the Moroccan Grand Prix.

I start my day at 5 am with a yawn, stretch, and cup of coffee.

My favorite tool is a nail gun.

An indulgence I will never forego is Ninja Turtles.

A house I’d like to makeover is a 42,000-square-foot historical mansion in Palm Beach.

I will never part with my original 5.0 Mustang from the “Ice Ice Baby” video.

The renovation project that impressed me the most is a Season 7 project, a three-acre house on the ocean that went from zero to hero.

One food I can never turn down is vanilla ice cream.

One thing always in my fridge is almond milk!

My favorite app is TikTok, it’s a great place for self-education.

I would love to collaborate with any legend.

The rooms with the most potential to be “wow” statements are bathrooms and closets; both are always overlooked.

When I need inspiration, I go to home shows overseas.

The 90s are the decade to remember because we were carefree, and it was the last, great decade defined by pop culture.

My favorite workout regimen is motocross and dancing. Both keep me young.

If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing, I would be living in Italy, in the mountains, and restoring a house by a vineyard.

I feel most comfortable when I’m with my 3-year-old.

My favorite music to listen to is everything; good music is good music!

Spotify or Apple Music? Neither; live music!

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