With names on the roster that include Gryffin, Sam Feldt, Frank Walker, Forester and Thomas Jack, and KYGO, who he is credited with discovering, Myles Shear gives us a sneak peek into Miami Music Week, aka his busiest week of the year.


8 AM My mornings are the most important part of the day as it’s my time to set myself up for success. I really love spending time with my dogs Bailey and Rocky, and my wife Alexa, too!

8:30 AM I throw on a casual Palm Tree Crew look, a company, which I co-founded with KYGO three years ago. I jump in my car and head over to Sunset Harbour. It is my favorite area in Miami Beach where my go-to bakery True Loaf is conveniently located. I enjoy my coffee and get a few steps in.

9 AM Palm Tree Crew’s headquarters are in the heart of Sunset Harbor, which might be why I think it’s the best neighborhood! I head up to the office and check in with my employees and go over the agenda for a busy day ahead.

10 AM This is when the day officially begins! My company has multiple sectors all under the same roof, so I handle all business.

11 AM Considering everyone in the industry is in town for Miami Music Week, my music friends will be stopping in-and-out of the office all day, gearing up for the evening festivities which likely includes preparing for a sunset boat ride we appropriately named PTC where we can see the festival from the water!

12 PM Lunchtime is generally at Tequiztlan Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar, which I typically dine at multiple times a week!

1 PM When it comes to our events, I am incredibly involved in every aspect of the operation, so I do a second check in with my team. Then head over to the grounds of Ultra for a walk through where I connect with the talent too.

2 PM Because of the festival, days in the office are typically cut short since the team must head over to Bayfront Park to take in all the events. Regardless of whether I have artists playing each night, I always make the effort to support my industry while enjoying the musical acts.

3:30 PM My wife and I get dressed, shower and walk our dogs before taking off for the rest of the night. We order in Lucali and head out.

4 PM I head over to Ultra Music Festival, and this is when I run between the different stages. This year, I am so excited to watch my artists, Gryffin and Frank Walker bring a fun show for the crowd, so I have a quick pow-wow with them before they get on stage.

5 AM I am at the festival until the very end. Whether watching from the boat or being on the ground, I love absorbing every moment of what Miami has to offer. It has been such a pleasure watching the city grow, especially since this is my hometown. I am one of the very few music managers, who was born and raised in Miami. Because I continue to live here, being at Ultra Music Festival every year is truly a full circle moment for me and my family!

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