Meet Starr Hawkins, aka Glute Girl, the local guru behind South Florida’s latest fitness trend.


FAVORITE FITNESS/WELLNESS HAUNT? I love Glimpse on South Beach because it carries so many workout brands. I also love Sana Skin Studio’s fantastic facial and body wellness products. My ‘go-to’ healthy eats would definitely be Carrot Express because of its delicious salads and wraps. And my favorite cheat dessert is Carrot Express carrot cake (it doesn’t count because it has carrots in it, right?)

FAVORITE WORK OUT SONG? Bubble Butt by Major Lazer, A-milli by Lil Wayne, and honestly, anything hip-hop that makes you want to twerk.

WHO MOTIVATES YOU? My clients and community. I see people show up daily, change their bodies, and get stronger, doing things they couldn’t do when they first started!

ONE THING IN YOUR ROUTINE YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT? Coffee; it’s definitely my pre-workout must-have.

SPA EXPERIENCE OF CHOICE? I go to @SeaandSaltspa and do a combination of the sauna blanket, lymphatic drainage massage, and red light therapy. I also love hitting a cold plunge for recovery.

A HACK FOR SOMEONE STARTING A FITNESS JOURNEY? Try something like Classpass so you can test a variety of classes. You can look into further memberships once you find a class you like.



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