The Piaget Polo makes a stylish comeback.


The sun-drenched streets of Miami have long held a reputation for bold fashion and unapologetic luxury. In the 1980s, few watches embodied this spirit more than the Piaget Polo. With its audacious gold design, integrated bracelet, and undeniable presence, it wasn’t just a timepiece; it was a statement.

I vividly remember first encountering the Polo in the mid-eighties, gracing the wrist of my Miami-bred uncle. Amidst his collection of iconic Rolexes, it was the Polo that captivated me. Back then, I wasn’t a fan of gold watches, yet the Polo transcended mere metal. It was loud, proud, and undeniably cool – a perfect reflection of the era’s exuberant Miami style. It had that “look at me” factor, but with a sophisticated wink – the epitome of “jet-setter chic” with a touch of “South American dictator” thrown in for good measure.

But times, and tastes, change. The 1990s ushered in an era of the jumbo size – think Panerais and Royal Oak Offshores. These titans of the wrist reigned supreme, pushing the Polo and its opulent gold aesthetic to the back of the collective watch consciousness.

However, the tides are turning. Fast forward to today, and watch enthusiasts are embracing a return to smaller, more refined proportions. Gone are the 45mm; the new wave embraces wearable sizes, with 38-39mm diameters reigning supreme. And amidst this shift, the vintage Piaget Polo resurfaces, its bold personality no longer dated, but infused with a potent dose of nostalgia. Prices in the secondary market reflect this, as collectors scramble to snatch a piece of that bygone Miami magic.

The watch’s revival received a shot in the arm with none other than Sylvester Stallone. Remember, this is the man who single-handedly sparked the jumbo watch craze with his Panerai in “Daylight” in 1996. Well, the trendsetter himself has been spotted sporting a Polo – from the king of watch cool.

Piaget didn’t miss a beat. Building on this renewed interest, they’ve unveiled a modern interpretation of the iconic Polo. Gone is the quartz movement of the past; this new iteration boasts a sophisticated Piaget 1200P1 automatic manufacture caliber with a micro-rotor. It’s an evolution, retaining the spirit of the original while incorporating modern watchmaking advancements.

The verdict? The Miami golden boy is back, and it’s cooler than ever. In a world of cookie-cutter timepieces, the Polo stands out – for those who dare to embrace their inner Miami.

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