The title of Florence + The Machine’s new album, Dance Fever, might suggest a long-awaited reprieve from the isolation that fell upon the world over the last few years. In truth, the title comes from lead singer Florence Welch’s fascination with a 16th century illness called choreomania, wherein the afflicted would literally dance themselves to death.

The album was initially scheduled to be recorded in New York back in March 2020, but was finally completed in a patchwork of sessions in London. The result is perhaps the band’s strongest offering to date. Whether she’s confronting gender expectations (“King”), sexual flippancy (“Dream Girl Evil”), or the loneliness and fear of the pandemic (“My Love”), the 14 tracks form an often mythical story of a woman fighting her way out from under the weight of an oppressive world. And, she’s succeeding. For those keeping track, this album is the band’s fourth consecutive top 10 debut. Whirling on stage like a Maxfield Parrish character come to life, Welch’s performances on tour are imbued with an extra dose of vim this time around. The lockdown was rattling for her (Welch has been sober for eight years) leaving her terrified that live performances might never again be possible. Translation: she’s so ready to rock. “The songs have had an oddly prescient quality,” she said at the album’s release party. “Performance is the place where I feel the most free.” Welch and her machine will be making two Florida stops on the Dance Fever Tour: Orlando’s Amway Center on September 23 and the FTX Arena in Miami the following night. For tickets, visit

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