Hospitality inspires altruism at the world’s most luxurious resorts.


Vagabond benevolence as a trend just keeps growing not only in the forms of passive donations at the airport checkout counters or an offset of one’s flight’s carbon emissions (as noble of efforts as these may be.) Engaging in local community projects, planting trees, and restoring reefs are some of the many opportunities to give back offered by the luxury hotels you may be heading to on your next holiday. These hands-on experiences offer amazing prospects to mix leisure with greater purpose ensuring the footprint you leave behind is one of lasting and positive impact.



Inspired by French explorer and environmentalist, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Dorado Beach’s Ambassadors of the Environment program is dedicated to the protection of Puerto Rico’s natural environment. The program’s various activities cover biodiversity, ecology, sustainability, and environmental conversation across land and sea, for all ages to partake in. Reef Adaptations is a snorkeling excursion to witness firsthand how plants, algae, and invertebrates are ecologically connected to each other. Ambassadors of the Kitchen is specifically crafted for the younger participants to learn about organic and eco- friendly kitchen practices where meals are cooked in solar ovens. More activities offer connections ranging from person-to-person, creature to creature, land to sea, and present to future, to ensure that guests become well-rounded advocates for sustainable practices.



Part of the Islamorada Resort Collection in the Florida Keys, Amara Cay Resort partners with the Coral Restoration Foundation, a non-profit supporting reef recovery, and i.Care, a community-based approach to reef restoration. Certified scuba diving guests are encouraged to volunteer through these programs and plant coral on the nearby reefs. The coral is transplanted from its growing site offshore by the Coral Reef Foundation’s nursery, which provides an educational opportunity for participants to recognize and celebrate their afternoon’s work.



On Hawaii’s Big Island, Four Seasons Hual-alai prioritizes sustainability and preservation of the land and sea. The property collaborates with Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative to offer guests the chance to visit the Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods farm where they can plant an endemic koa tree in the Legacy Forest. The reforestation efforts have already transformed pastureland into a natural Hawaiian forest. Resort’s guests are credited with planting over 50,000 koa trees.



This eco-resort on Costa Rica’s South Pacific coast provides guests with multiple opportunities to support the local community and wildlife. One of the favorites is its partnership with Tortugas Preciosas de Osa, a non-profit organization dedicated to sea turtle conservation. Guests can participate in regular beach cleanups, and for those wishing to stay for an extended period, the organization welcomes weekly volunteers through Osa Peninsula Volunteering program. Said engagement includes morning patrols to survey the beach where turtles have nested, as well as night patrols and hatchling releases. The weekly program is open from June through March, however, the Botanika Osa Peninsula supports the non-profit organization year-round.


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