Between glamorous beachfront parties and pulsating nightclubs, nobody takes Miami by storm quite like Ken Fulk. The legendary interior designer, known for his bold choices and bon vivant attitude, has become the city’s hospitality hitmaker with three recently launched projects that are sweeping the Miami’s nightlife scene. The first project to make its debut was Pharrell and David Grutman’s The Goodtime Hotel, a massive lifestyle-infused hot spot. “It was an immersive way to get involved in Miami. It came from such a positive place, even while going through the last year,” says Fulk. “It’s really meant to have that reflection of the golden age of Miami. ” His other significant additions to the Miami scene are Miami Carbone and ZZ Sushi Bar. Carbone was put together in just a few months thanks to Fulk’s extensive working relationship with the restaurateurs’ proprietors, the Major Food Group. “It was really about starting with a narrative,” explains Fulk. “I wanted it to feel decadent and luxe. It’s like Maria Callas woke up with Frank Sinatra in a suite on the Grand Canal. It’s an over-the-top, posh place.”

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