Anatomy of a scent

Known to evoke emotions with just one spritz, each bottle of PARFUMS de MARLY’s unique potion is produced in Chartres, France. But its ingredients and inspiration are sourced globally. Yvan Jacqueline, the brand’s president, breaks down PARFUMS de MARLY’s scent-santional details.


EACH BOTTLE IS EITHER MASCULINE OR UNISEX and you will most certainly notice the difference as the prominence for men is given to the noticeable ‘Marly Horses’ which King Louis IX Commissioned in 1743 as they were the sculptures at the entryway to the Chateau de Marly.  You will also find the coat of arms on the cap.

WHEN IT COMES TO PRODUCING A FRAGRANCE, it is a rather long and intense journey that takes approximately three years to fine-tune and enhance. The process begins with a brief to the perfumer explaining what we want to achieve. He will then present different proposals to the founder and brand creator, Julien Sprecher which we will undress and rebuild to achieve the optimal creation. It takes many meetings between the perfumer and our creative director to achieve perfection.

The perfumer, also referred to as a ‘nose,’ has a very important role to play and will act as a translator throughout as they give life to Julien’s vision. An idea becomes a collaboration and bonding between them is key considering there is a huge emotional dimension from start to finish, and at the end of the process Julien will be the only one to decide if the creation work is final.

OUR FEMININE BOTTLES ARE CURVED AND ADORNED LIKE WOMEN and the tassels are a nod to the curtains and cushions that decorated the Chateau de Marly. The moldings on the bottle are inspired by 18th century framed artwork that hung on the walls of the estate and there is a Swarovski crystal on the cap, which matches the tassel for each individual fragrance. They were inspired by French jewels of the 18th century.  Our most recognized scent, and the best seller is Delina and we consider this masterpiece as a perfume miracle. She is happy, sparkling, and beautiful, and the balance of Lychee, rose, musk and vanilla from Madagascar is incredible. Her sillage will provoke many compliments every day.

WE LAUNCHED A NEW SCENT IN SEPTEMBER. This creation is a bright, gourmand and completely unisex! I am personally convinced that this new fragrance is going to
be loved by the MARLY community.

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