Bobbie Van Der Vlugt, a local jewelry designer, skillfully blends elements of nature, exotic beads, and powerful crystals to craft one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that radiate a spiritual essence. With a career spanning over a decade, Bobbie keeps pushing the boundaries of her creativity making an undeniable impact with her acclaimed Musa brand.


Lava. I spent a summer exploring the Aeolian islands and found a shop in Stromboli selling strands of beautifully carved lava beads. They were silky and powdery and the most beautiful shade of matte black. I later learned that lava is incredibly grounding and balancing, so I’ve recently used it in two necklaces.

I started researching different gemstones and crystals to learn more about their spiritual and metaphysical properties. Their vibrational energy aligns with my clients’ and friends’ attraction to certain pieces. It’s fascinating, and almost two decades later, I’m still learning about new ones.

My father’s work as a jeweler instilled my love of jewelry and gemstones. Jewelry has always felt like the ultimate gift. I kind of feel naked without it. I still use his old diamond drill and magnifying goggles to drill my stones underwater.

I am slowly starting to part with some of my beads after two decades of collecting because it would be impossible to use them all. I’ve opened a separate IG account called Bead Connoisseur, where I will sell them and host small, intimate beading parties.

That’s a hard one! It would be bracelets because it’s what Musa is most known for. I love stacking and interchanging them, and I tend to wear them on both wrists – the smaller ones on my watch hand and the chunkier statement ones on my right.

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