Bold Position

Vic Garcia aims to make the world a happier place one work of art at a time.

Ever since he can remember, Miami-born Vic Garcia has always possessed a creative gene, beginning with staging performances for his family as a child. That spirit continued through his time at Suffolk University in Boston, where he studied marketing. With the old adage “necessity is the mother of invention” ringing true, Garcia’s creativity took a serious turn. “I needed art for the walls of my apartment, so I took out a pen and paper and started drawing,” he recalls. “I would duct tape them together to make the works bigger and bigger.” Garcia didn’t give his new outlet much thought until friends started requesting his work for themselves. “I purchased the proper paper, paints, and pens, and at this point, I realized that there was something there, and my career unofficially took off.” His creative gratification was instantaneous. “I thought ‘wow,’ these works transport me to a happy place and are subsequently beautiful in people’s homes. [They] have the ability to bring happiness to others. It is magical to see people fall in love with my work.”

Garcia’s process is spontaneous and exuberant. Utilizing spray paint, acrylic, and marker on canvas, “I go into every canvas with no plan, and every work evolves with layers and has a different design,” he explains. That’s not to say that Garcia lacks a signature look. His work is distinguished by a bold color palette and memorable characters, which can be viewed at The Museum of Graffiti in Wynwood. While some pieces are three-dimensional, he reveals, “my dream is to work on more 3D illustrations and take this to the next level.”

Part of the social media/merchandise generation, the artist propelled his creative vernacular by launching Vic Garcia World, a fashion line including everything from swimwear and hats to socks and track pants for men, women, and children. But the endeavor’s purpose goes beyond quantifiable gain. “One of my messages and hashtags on social media is to inspire the youth to dream big. So when I work, I give back to the community and bring joy and happiness to those who need it the most. That is my biggest accomplishment. It is part of my story and will forevermore continue.”


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