Path to Wellness

Health meets beachfront at the chic and mindful Carillon Miami Wellness Resort.

Vigor centric retreats aren’t a novel idea. But our need for them is more acute than ever. We checked into the largest spa and wellness facility on the East Coast to test out an itinerary that’s big on high-tech, high touch equipment and integration of Eastern and Western medical modalities and some delicious bites, too.

9:00 AM Breakfast at The Strand. Chocolate Banana Breakfast Quinoa is a delicious plate that aims to boost energy levels. It features almond milk, cocoa powder, honey and chocolate crumble and is the perfect way to gear up for a charged morning.

10:00 AM Pilates class begins at the studio. The group fitness program here is designed by Teri Sibai, the fitness director, who works closely with her team of expert fitness trainers to bring a variety of unique movement classes.

11:00 AM Post work out calls for the innovative Touchless Wellness experiences to help with the recovery of sore muscles. An hour should include a 15 mins Full Body Cryotherapy that utilizes age-old science combined with cutting edge equipment, ideal for recovery, weight loss and inflammation, a 25 mins Halotherapy and Infrared Sauna, a natural and effective solution for respiratory health and hygiene, and a 15 mins Prism Light Pod, industry’ most advanced, 360 degree whole-
body red-light therapy system that enhances natural wellness and speeds aesthetics and performance recovery.

12:00 PM Take a moment to prepare for spa experiences by soaking and relaxing in the Thermal Hydrotherapy Circuit. Experience profound relaxation and soothe
tight, aching muscles with Quartz Massage mobilizing pressure applied and warm quartz applied to the body. Follow that treatment with VEMI — Vibroacoustic Electro magnetic and infrared technology that uses healing sound resonance in tandem with full body vibrations to eliminate the effects caused by electro-smog radiation. End this session with a Salt Float Bath Therapy that incorporate 800 lbs. of Epsom salt for the ultimate floating experience.

2:45 PM Bask in the Florida sun at the rooftop “adults only” saltwater pool.

4:00 PM Ride down the Miami Beach boardwalk on a Carillon beach cruiser to discover the Magic City via a scenic route right along the beach.

7:00 PM It’s dinner time. Head back down to The Strand to enjoy a clean, fresh and ingredient-led cuisine right on the ocean’s edge prepared by executive chef Rosario Corrao.

12:00 AM After a night out, rest well on a Bryte Bed that tracks your sleep habits, cools the bed, changes its firmness and can wake you up in the morning. And yes, this innovative item is available to purchase through Carillon’s online shop.


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