On the verge of celebrating its 60th anniversary, McLaren launches the Artura, an amalgamation of art and the future.


Imagine, if you will, an automobile that’s oozing with the sexiness of a supercar- the kind you’ve come to expect from McLaren-coupled with a durability and technical innovation that one might attach to a more run-of-the-mill alternative.

Enter: theArtura.

Lightweight due to its carbon-fiber build, this latest McLaren’s iteration offers a hybrid driving option that leaves nothing to be desired when compared to the company it keeps but similarly allows an eco-conscious driver to curb their guilt. It must also be said that McLaren stands on its own when it comes to usability as owners tend to tag more annual miles on these supercars than others in their class simply because they can’t get enough.

The Artura provides an almost eerie sense of calm when turned on in electric mode, with a silent start that almost makes you question if it is in fact, on. But a grace of the gas provides the familiarity of power that is expected from this

storied brand created by race car driver, Bruce McLaren. The options, however are endless. Drive in comfort with a simple paddle flick. Or sport. Or Track. Click again and match the suspension. Click something else and alter the ambient lighting. You may want to match said lighting to your car’s color palette- one that can be all your own given their myriad new

offerings including Serpentine-a hunter green with an iridescent treatment that makes it very, well, serpent-like or Ceramic Grey, a shade that delivers a lavender hue if lavender could be

elevated to the likes of a Dior grey. In short, chic.

The bespoke offerings at McLaren have lived many lives and under the direction of Jo Lewis, brand’s femme fatale head of color and materials design. And new shades aren’t the only things on the menu. Fabric offerings including a technical cashmere feeding the desire of those who wish to have the only car of its kind. And thanks to McLaren’s super talented team, a dedicated lot that works

around the clock, your Artura can be delivered to your home and to your liking in merely a few months. Like the car, that’s pretty fast.

For more information, please visit cars.mclaren.com


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