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Celebrating a decade of inspiring hostesses worldwide, Aerin Lauder’s home-centric brand is setting up shop in Miami’s design district. here is how the doyenne of good taste, and the granddaughter of Estée Lauder, plans on making a charmed mark on the magic city with her eponymous line of cosmetics, fragrance, fashion, and furniture.

For those living under a rock, tell us about AERIN?
AERIN is a global luxury lifestyle brand based on the premise that living beautifully should be effortless. The brand develops curated collections in the worlds of beauty, fashion accessories, and home décor with a sensibility that is classic, but always with a modern point of view. Every piece is created to make life more beautiful, with a sense of ease and refinement.

What made you gravitate towards home décor when launching AERIN?
Beauty is my heritage, but home is my passion. There was an opportunity in the market for a lifestyle brand based on feminine, modern and effortless products with strong heritage and storytelling. I decided to launch AERIN as a lifestyle brand and make beauty part of the way we live every day.

What are some of the most important ideas one should consider when outfitting homes?
First and foremost, I believe that comfort is most important. I only use pieces in my own home that are both beautiful and functional. I like to mix and match new pieces with other vintage elements and items that have been passed down to me; I think that this layered approach gives a room personality and creates a warm, welcoming environment. My grandmother also used to say that gold is a neutral, which has become a common theme throughout the AERIN brand. A touch of gold adds an elevated accent that casually enhances a home. Ultimately though, decorating a home is all about personal style so I always recommend incorporating pieces that feel right and spark joy.

How was the process of evolving the offerings transformed your shops into what it is now? Through the years, I have learned so much from our customers. I like to believe that I have a strong understanding of what resonates with them and what they gravitate towards. This is why the edit in each store is slightly different. While our best-sellers ultimately remain the same worldwide, the AERIN team curates an edit that speaks to the customer on a local level.

Speaking of curating, how does your edit change with specific locations?
The curated edits in each of our retail locations are very much influenced by the destination. I love how we have the ability to use our surroundings as inspiration and curate this unique retail experience where our stores offer an element of surprise and delight for our customers. For example, Miami has this very distinct point of view, so we intentionally incorporated materials that made sense for the local lifestyle. Especially with the home décor, the assortment is a primarily white color palette with elements of straw and raffia. Shagreen is typically a core material throughout the AERIN brand, but we felt it worked best in our other locations. As for fashion, the edit is colorful, floral, and happy — the perfect pieces to take our customers from days at the beach to festive Miami nights out.

What do you hope Miami-based clients discover about your aesthetic?
One of the most special things about the brand is that none of our products are too precious. They are all intended to be used and loved. Whether it is a new candle, raffia pouch, or tableware for an upcoming dinner party, we offer something for every type of customer. I am excited for our Miami-based clients to discover the brand and embrace the AERIN sensibility. My grandmother, Estée, always used to say that everything can be beautiful if you take the time, and I believe that is so true.

How does Miami lifestyle work with your ideas?
I have always loved Miami’s sense of vibrancy, color, style, and tropical influence. The store is filled with bright florals, raffia textures, and beach-inspired home décor. We relied heavily on the local cues to showcase an effortlessly elegant curation that exudes tropical ease.

You are known, among many things, as the epitome of sophisticated hostesses. Can you tell us about a dinner party that helped you define your ideal of home entertaining?
I have always loved to entertain. Inviting people into one’s home and hosting them for a meal is a gesture of generosity — it’s warm and intimate, and allows your friends, family, and guests to feel truly welcome and cared for. To be honest, my wedding was my first experience really hosting, and I absolutely loved it. I had so much fun curating a menu and creating an environment that was personal to me and exciting for my guests. This experience really introduced me to the world of entertaining, and I have enjoyed it ever since.

Name your three favorite things available at AERIN in Miami?
I would recommend the AERIN tabletop pieces, especially our best-selling Paulette dinnerware in the new blue colorway with our Freya chargers. I love how the blue works so well with the wicker accessories, creating the perfect setting for entertaining at home. I also love the edit of fashion pieces, especially the bathing suits and cover-ups. AERIN has always embraced up-and-coming designers by offering these smaller brands that customers can’t always find elsewhere, like Alix of Bohemia, Lisa Marie Fernandez, and Johanna Ortiz along with many others. Our customers are always excited to see how cohesive the edit is and that the pieces can ultimately be mixed and matched.


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