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From island hopping to nature loving to history buffing, we tap local experts for the best reasons to travel this summer.

For seekers of history, megalithic temples, and culinary wizardry of Afro-Euro-Arab influences.

Michelle Buttigieg
Prior to accepting her mission as a representative for Malta Tourism Authority, Michelle Buttigieg has enjoyed a career in hospitality that placed her at such distinguished properties as UK’s Savoy and the US’ Lowell and Regent Hotels.

Favorite thing about Malta?
Malta has been trending for 7,000 years! Its history has left an imprint on the culture, people, and architecture, so travelers feel like they are still living in that time.

What makes the Maltese Islands unlike any other?
Malta is the only archipelago that strikes a balance between Europe and North Africa, adding a little spice to this Mediterranean gem.

What does a typical day here look like?
Start with a visit to some of the oldest monuments such as the various UNESCO sites and megalithic temples all over the archipelago. Head for lunch at Mdina, named one of the most beautiful small towns in Europe by Condé Nast Traveler. Take a siesta then rejuvenate with a swim in the Blue Lagoon in Comino. Finally get dressed up for a spectacular dinner at one of the Michelin-starred restaurants.

Local experiences worthy of note
Exploring the Maltese islands by yacht is like sailing through 7,000 years of history. With approximately 122 miles of coastline, Malta’s clear-blue sea allows guests to enjoy beautiful, secluded beaches, an abundance of reefs, and stunning caverns and caves. Malta is also known as one of the world’s top diving destinations, with historic sunken treasures to explore.

Not to miss landmark
The fortified city of Valletta that is a UNESCO site, Triton Fountain, Silent City of Mdina, Hypogeum, and St. John’s Co-Cathedral.

What to pack
The Maltese are known for their casual chic style, so bring swimsuits, light clothes, layers, sandals, sunglasses, and a hat. We get 300 days of sunshine.

Favorite place to dine
Sitting near the water in Marsaxlokk, a fishing village with colorful fishing boats known as “luzzu,” and savoring freshly caught seafood and local cuisine.

Hotel that really embraces local flare
There are many historic boutique hotels, palazzos, private villas, and historic farmhouses to choose from. Some of the luxury accommodations include The Phoenicia and Corinthia Palace hotels.

Favorite local shop
Charles & Ron is a contemporary lifestyle brand with a unique Mediterranean flair and a dedication to superior quality evident in their high-end clothing and bags. The brand’s vision is to inspire the customer to be a part of the “love affair” and the instantly recognizable Mediterranean style.

Best souvenirs to bring back
A nice candle made by Stephen Cordina or Maltese-inspired art by Stephanie Borg. Another great gift idea is the filigree jewelry that is synonymous with our island style.


For explorers of heart-pounding adventures across 100,000 square miles of the world’s clearest ocean.

PF Major
A local Bahamian, PF is an international financial services consultant who loves to travel. He is also a stern food, wine, and services critic.

What makes The Bahamas unlike any other islands?
There are few other places in the world with waters as welcoming as ours. Simply head to the Exuma Cays, around Norman’s Cay, and see for yourself. There is no other place where you can experience the simple pleasures in life.

What does a typical day here look like?
For quite a few Bahamians, it may begin quite early with morning exercises. Then it’s back home to prepare for the rest of our day, which may include getting children to school on time and ourselves to work. As of Thursday, you may find us unwinding at our favorite watering spots in the evenings before heading home.

Local experiences/adventures worthy of note.
You can’t come to The Bahamas and not have some rum. For that I recommend local rum producer John Watling’s Distillery. It offers complimentary tours of their estate, which has been in operation since 1789.

Not to miss landmark.
The salt plant, caves, flamingos, burrowing owls, and donkeys on Inagua. The pink-sand beaches of Cat Island. And the pineapples of Eleuthera.

Best places for drink.
The Martini Bar, the lobby bar at Ocean Club, offers amazing drinks with a side order of breathtaking views. Sample the Sky Juice, Ocean Club Special, or (since this is the spot where one of the James Bond film Casino Royale was filmed) have a Vesper Martini.

Favorite place to dine.
The restaurants on many of the hotel properties offer food from all over the world and are excellent. For some local flavor, the Poop Deck East is one of my favorites, where you can select your fresh fish from the daily catch.

Hotel that really embraces local flare.
The first time I stayed at The Landing on Harbour Island, I saw a guy who worked there trimming the trees while dancing and singing. The lady at the reception desk was doing the same, which got me thinking, “I want some of what they are having.

Best souvenirs to bring back.
Whatever you take back, make sure it is locally made. We have sea salt and scented candles all made by Bahamians. I highly recommend the gift shop at the National Art Gallery for the amazing selection of Bahamian art, books, fine jewelry, and so much more.

For the nature lovers with an appreciation for sustainable sophistication.

Sarah & Stefan
The architect of a next generation “school of the future” in Chicago and an angel investor and a best-selling author, Sarah Elizabeth Ippel and Stefan Weitz retreat to Costa Rica’s Peninsula Papagayo not only to recharge, but also to be part of the country’s commitment to conservation.

Favorite thing about Peninsula Papagayo

As we entered the peninsula for the first time, we were struck by its ecological expanse, inescapable views, and vast array of wildlife. But candidly, what sold it for us was the rigorous commitment to sustainability and conservation.

What makes this area unlike any other?
We’ve always had a fascination with Blue Zones and were intrigued by Papagayo’s proximity to Nicoya that is among five regions in the world where people live the longest and are the healthiest. We enjoy exploring the country’s ecological and cultural beauty, and within a couple of hours you can hike a volcano, visit the cloud forest, rescue baby turtles on the beach, or trek through the rainforest.

Local adventures worthy of note
Rio Perdido is a magical place, nestled deeply within a remote and verdant dwarf forest,and bisected by a thermal river that grows increasingly warm as you trek toward the origin point.

Not to miss landmark
Definitely Prieta Bay beach when the baby turtles are hatching! The peninsula’s mangrove forest is also not to be missed — grab a kayak and meander through the waterways to witness unbelievable biodiversity. Under a new moon, head out to the Golfo de Papagayo at night for a bioluminescent tour and literally watch the water come alive with light as you water-bike across the bay.

What to pack
Peninsula Papagayo is relatively relaxed – you’ll never need anything more than a collared shirt and a pair of linen trousers or a casual summer dress.

Best places for coffee
The whole country is awash in exceptional coffee! On property, the Andaz has nearly a dozen different local coffees you can try with four different brewing methods, so that’s a must do if you’re into intriguing flavors.

Favorite place to dine
On the peninsula, we love the steakhouse at Four Seasons, Nemare, thanks to their diverse array of plant-based dishes sourced from freshly harvested herbs and greens from the adjacent organic garden. In town, we just discovered Atizo, owned by an inventive local chef. The vegan rosemary chocolate ganache with confit orange is to die for!

Favorite local shop
We love heading into Playas Del Coco to find interesting and fresh local fruits and vegetables.

Best souvenirs to bring back
One of our favorite souvenirs is locally crafted, small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate from Cata Chocolate in Playas del Coco, where you can also find organic coffee.


For fans of elevated summer camp vibes and cozy-cabined Americana.

Todd Snyder
Menswear designer Todd Snyder’s sartorial signature can be found in his sought-after collections, and at Hidden Pond, a cozy Maine resort that features his stylish vernacular throughout the resort’s bungalows.

Favorite thing about Maine
I love how peaceful Maine is and that there are so many different landscapes easily accessible throughout the state. Hidden Pond is especially amazing because it feels so secluded and quiet, but you’re able to get to Kennebunkport so quickly or visit the beach. The natural beauty of the state is unrivaled and offers endless options when you’re up there.

What does a typical day here look like
I like to wake up and have a cup of coffee on the porch while taking in the sounds of the woods. Then I’ll drive into Kennebunkport for breakfast at H.B. Provisions and walk around town. Depending on the time of the year, I’ll usually go to the beach or maybe drive up to Portland for the day. Sometimes, I’ll hit some of the local design studios, like Corey Daniels gallery in Wells, to get inspiration for my next project.

Local experiences/adventures worthy of note
Most people don’t know about this, but L.L.Bean actually offers outdoor adventure programs outside of Freeport. You can do archery, clay pigeon shooting, kayaking, and more. It’s a great way to explore the state and spend some time outdoors.

What to pack
Maine in the summer is one of those places where swimwear and sweaters go hand-in-hand. I think it’s important to have layers just in case the weather changes throughout the day. I would pack a pair of Todd Snyder Montauk Swim Trunk and throw in one of our classic Pocket Sweatshirts or Italian Cashmere Crewnecks in case you need it. I also always bring a casual blazer for nicer dinners if you make a reservation at Earth.

Best places for a drink
I love going to Batson River in Kennebunk for a drink, especially my favorite cocktail, the Dark & Stormy. Their liquor is local and they can mix an amazing cocktail.

Favorite place to dine
If you’re not dining at Earth, the amazing restaurant at Hidden Pond, I like The Tides Beach Club. It’s right on the water of Goose Rocks Beach and they have some of the freshest seafood in town.

Place/activity that really embraces local flare
Snug Harbor Farm is a fun place to visit and walking through their greenhouses is a really pleasant way to pass some time. We worked with them to get some greenery into the From Away Lodge, and it was always such a treat to visit.

Favorite local shop
Sea Love candles is a great shop in town that has simple home accessories and unique scents that will make you feel like you never left.

Best souvenirs to bring back
If you haven’t already bought items from Sea Love, a special plant from Snug Harbor, or some local art, I would recommend selecting a bottle or two from Batson River Distillery. When you’re home, you can mix yourself a cocktail and, just like that, feel like you’re back in Maine.

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