En Pointe

This year’s International Ballet Festival of Miami, which spans three weeks starting July 23, “will finally have a full performance with companies and people from all over the world,” shares Eriberto Jimenez, the artistic director of the Festival, referencing Italy’s Teatro Alla Scala, France’s Arles Youth Ballet, and the United Kingdom’s Birmingham Royal Ballet companies. The lineup will highlight many renown guests such as Roger Salas, Spanish journalist and author of Con el Paso Cambiado, and Orlando Taquechel, a noted dance writer and researcher who will be on hand for a book signing. But you don’t have to be a die-hard fan to truly appreciate the festivities. “Dance is something anyone can relate to,” Jimenez concludes. “It’s a way of living, and that’s what I love about the festival. It brings other people into the world of dance.

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