The Ocean Cup is bringing in top-tier talents.


Move over the scenically gorgeous 7-Mile Bridge. This April the most memorable and fastest way to travel between Sand Key Lighthouse and Marathon may be on water. The Ocean Cup is once again challenging all powerboat enthusiasts to a race between the two points in an intense dash to determine the winner. The event is set to take place on April 26th and is already drawing in some of the biggest names in powerboat racing.

“We’ll get up to fifteen entries for this event,” says Janet Wilson, the race director. “The Patriotic Duty team out of San Francisco is coming; they’ve competed in four events. That team is hot, hot, hot. There was an inquiry yesterday from The Super Fountain, Andy Copeland’s boat. He put turbine engines in his boat. There’s also a sweet father-daughter team. I’m also married to Nigel Hook, (the holder of Guinness World Record from Key West to Cuba) who will compete here, too!”

The high-octane sport is popping up on everyone’s radar, with the new contest to Key West being the latest joining the races. Growing intrigue around the Cup may be attributed to newer and more powerful models of boats being offered as well as the local celebrities, who are getting behind the exciting competition. Tom Brady and Marc Anthony are two powerboat backers with teams competing in races around the area.

The Ocean Cup is approved by the global and Olympic sanctioning body, meaning any possible world speed records set here will all count toward competitors with bigger races on the horizon.

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