A legendary Champagne house releases a pair of bottlings worthy of commemorating its rich lineage.   “You might ask, Why now? And why so late?” says the charming Mathieu Roland-Billecart, from his offices in the heart of Champagne, France. “It’s because we’re family-owned and run. We don’t rush for the stock to be released. That’s […]


The new “Hamptons” are closer than you might think.   Imagine a place where the sun-kissed shores meet the luxury of the Hamptons, but with a twist of tropical bliss and exclusivity that’s uniquely Floridian. Welcome to the Florida Keys, where high-net-worth individuals are discovering their slice of paradise, making it the new zenith of […]


Red Ledges, a spectacular emerging community in a scenic mountain valley in Utah, embodies four-season healthy living at its finest.   Home to world-class ski resorts that have long drawn affluent outdoorsmen to its breathtaking mountain ranges, canyons, and valleys in the winter months, Utah’s Heber Valley has more recently become a four-season playground for […]


The Ann Norton Sculpture Garden in West Palm Beach honors the legacy of its namesake and founder by celebrating art in nature.   Ann Norton was a romantic. She loved the feel of the chisel and hammer in her hands as she approached a lump of stone with a vision for a sculpture. She was […]


How Life Time is revolutionizing well-being.   Amid the opulence and dynamic real estate of South Florida, Life Time is redefining the essence of health clubs, transforming them into sanctuaries of holistic wellness. Susan Setna is at the helm of this lavish revolution. Her journey, from a teacher in India to a hospitality manager at […]


In time for the 7 Mile Bridge Run, Marathon’s Isla Bella Beach Resorts adds a running concierge to its offerings.   These days, luxury hotels are equipped with concierges to cover the most nuanced of details—from pet pampering to sneaker purchases and stargazing excursions. At Isla Bella Beach Resort in Marathon, a running concierge is […]

Nature’s Embrace

Colombia’s first high-end, sustainable ecolodge is attracting international attention partly because Cannúa is an experience in rejuvenation and responsible hospitality like no other.   In Colombia, you’ll find cheese in the hot chocolate. Long, melty cheese like mozzarella. The strange mixing of flavors is called a Chocolate Santafereños. It recently went viral on TikTok to […]


How Jewel’s star power is making a difference.   Singer/songwriter Jewel has made a name for herself as a musical pioneer, exploring the worlds of folk, pop, country, and blues. The four-time Grammy nominee has sold over 30 million albums to date, including her wildly successful multi-platinum debut, Pieces Of You. Fast forward to last […]


Two entrepreneurial sport pros give pickleball the lifestyle brand its legacy deserves.   Although 2023 was certainly the year that pickleball found its groove as the fastest-growing sport in America, this hybrid of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong dates back to a lazy summer day in 1965 in Bainbridge Island, near Seattle, Washington. On that quiet […]


A stunning look at Cartier’s commitment to the extraordinary.   Cartier’s iconic panther remains in mid-stride and the jeweler’s arrays of multicolored gemstones still assume precise geometric patterns that evoke views through kaleidoscopes. Ever since Louis Cartier and his brothers established the brand back in the early twentieth century, the company’s artisans have continued to […]