Alexis Rose is a seasoned aromatherapist, who hand-selects and sources each ingredient in LILFOX, her ever-growing collection of ‘intelligent skin couture.’ This local brand that marries organic botanicals with high concentrations of clinically proven ingredients is made with patience, and an understanding of Mother Nature’s magical capabilities. Here is a look at some of LILFOX’ standouts.


MEDITATION IS A MAJOR PART OF MY LIFE, so I take at least two daily baths and, depending on my needs of the moment, I soak in either the Pink, the Azure, the Adriatic Temple or the Roman Eucalipto. I also play LILFOX Spotify Station, which is filled with custom beauty meditations also known as yoga nidras created by our Master Auric Aesthetician Mikaela Maclean.

ANYTIME I HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO ELEVATE MY FORMULA ENERGETICALLY I DO, and that is why you will find raw amethyst, smoky quartz, clear quartz, carnelian, rose quartz, emerald, jade, or rainbow tourmaline in the assortment of mists and in our ‘Prickly Pear’ illuminating face nectar.

I AM MOST EXCITED ABOUT THE LAUNCH OF THE FLUORITE CRYSTAL ILLUMINA FLUORITE SPA CRYSTAL EYE MASK. It is soothing and energetically detoxifying; it’s color therapy in a mask. Think earthy green and grounding vibes.

I SEEK OUT THE MOST EXCEPTIONAL BOTANICALS, LIKE NEROLI HYDROSOL from Morocco and Jasmine sambac from the South of Spain. When I was in India I found the most amazing cold pressed oil producer, who creates strawberry and guava seed oils which are so vibrant – unlike anything I have found in the market.

THE COOLEST FORMULATION IS THE MOSS HYDRA-BRIGHT EMERALD GLOW MASK which gently exfoliates from the prickly pear fruit enzyme extract within. It’s essentially a superfood-salad for your face and includes dill, broccoli, and sprouts. The texture is unreal and it’s great for sensitive skin.

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