Adriana Castro’s one-of-a-kind handmade pieces are a lot like her; bold, timeless, and driven by purpose. With an eponymous lifestyle brand the Columbian-born, Miami-based designer is making a statement on accessories, heritage and the value of storytelling that plaits artisanship and commerce in a sustainable fusion.


HOW DO YOU DEFINE SLOW LUXURY? We are a brand that reflects a slower process and pace. Our pieces are made with love and passion, by hand, using traditional artisan techniques. Purpose in every piece is more important than quantity and trends and we don’t want to compromise our key values and ethics. Every piece honors deep traditions and history. Our collections are timeless and we wish to leave a positive imprint on the world. Today, more than ever sustainability is at the heart of our commitment to progress.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU? My designs surrender to tradition. One of my strongest sources of inspiration is Latin America and especially Colombia. The world’s landscapes allow me to play with textures and palettes of colors that seem impossible at first sight, but that complement each other as if they were part of a work of art. As if they always belonged to each other.

HOW DOES YOUR BRAND CONNECT WITH YOUR CULTURE? There are many traditional pieces of clothing and accessories in Colombia. Two have always stood out for me, the Sombrero Vueltiao, and the Carriel. The Sombrero Vueltiao is a native hat to the Zenú culture and has inspired a whole family of bags that bear its name. Our iconic Zenú bag is woven in caña flecha, a locally grown cane. I was drawing from Carriel, a Columbian satchel, when creating one of our iconic bags and have recreated it in different materials, colors and sizes.

TELL US ABOUT THE QUALITY OF YOUR MATERIALS. We source our materials and leathers from Italy and work directly with local artisans in our atelier in Colombia to carefully craft each Adriana Castro piece. Our mission is to create discreet, altruistic and uncompromising luxury. We are committed to preserving artisanship and responsible use of durable and noble materials that stand the test of time.

WHERE CAN WE FIND YOUR PIECES? In Miami Adriana Castro is available at Mrs. Mandolin, Soho Beach House, Curio at Faena Bazaar, and at Faena Hotel. In Palm Beach you will find us at Via Coquina and Shari’s Place.,

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