Spring Fling

A round up of fresh ideas, places and finds to put a spring in your step this season. 



An idea that began in a NYC apartment morphed into a Miami-based jewelry line, where the inspiration for sunny, golden accouterment ceases to stop. Drawing on vintage collections of the past and a modern approach to fashion, Aureum (https://aureumcollective.com) was created by co-founders and entrepreneurs, Cass DiMicco and Matthew Hoyle. Referencing their respective backgrounds in fashion and finance the couple took their passion for style and brand-building to start a company of their own. The results are delicate yet memorable. All pieces are plated in 24K gold or silver and are designed with quality, versatility, and beauty in mind. Each piece is made to be effortlessly worn on its own, or better yet, layered over the simplest of outfits, with the fortuitous coincidence of Aureum aesthetic built on a maximum impact.



Suffering from an insatiable craving for that king crab, bone marrow, black truffle toast at Sexy Fish but don’t feel like getting on the plane to London to get it? Fear not! The menu staple of London’s most beloved pan Asian restaurant is now available at the recently opened Miami outpost in Brickell. And, in a true Sexy Fish style, everything here on and off the menu is mouthwatering gorgeous. Designed by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, the look and feel of restaurant centers around ten artworks by Damien Hirst, a 26 fish lamps installation by Frank Gehry and a ceiling adorned with gold, and a fish tank filled with live coral and a colorful tropical fish. The Japanese-influenced menu created by chef Bjoern Weissgerber, features the London mainstays like the crispy duck and watermelon salad and lobster with sancho pepper and shiso butter that mix beautifully with the largest selection of Dom Perignon in the United States, alongside Opus One wines and slew of wickedly delicious cocktails. 1001 S Miami Ave, Miami.



A pioneer in her own right, Paris-born, Miami-based Karelle Levy has been doing sustainable fashion way before the term has become a zeitgeist of corporate responsibility. Back in 2002 she set the precedence with thoughtful practices that have since been at the core of KREL Tropical Knitwear, her brand’s mission and design process. From yarn to garment, each unique piece is loomed at her Miami atelier located at Ironside using cotton, bamboo, Tencel, Lurex, rayon and polyester blends. Some even glow in the dark. A champion of inclusivity, KREL’s sizing fits most body types thanks to its signature, seamless “TOOBULAR” construction, produced during an eco-friendly process that renders zero waste, since all scraps are recycled into bags, blankets and toys. Innovative, indeed. 7580 NE 4TH COURT, #111 MIAMI.



There is much more to hair care then your regular visits with a stylist. Sarah Schossow, owner of House of Mane, the new salon located in Wynwood (45 NE 26th St, Miami) where departmentalized approach and craft education is the game, shares her secrets to lush and healthy locks. 

Oribe Invisible Defense Spray 

To keep your ends from breaking off and drying up, I highly recommend a leave in conditioner or hydrating mist with heat protection for daily hydration and protection.


Without the right nutrients your body can’t function properly, same goes for your hair. I’m a strong believer in healing and repairing from the inside out which is why I take the proper vitamins daily. Nutrafol restores hair growth by rebalancing stress and androgen hormones, neutralizing free radicals, and combatting inflammatory molecules that alter hair growth signaling.

Regular Trims

I can’t stress enough how trimming your ends helps your hair not only grow but will remove those pesky tangles thus making less breakage. If you’re trying to maintain a shape or recovering from damage I recommend trimming every 6 weeks. If you’re trying to maintain what you have dusting off those ends every 8 weeks will help your hair stay tangle and split ends free. This means less breakage and more hair growth!



Simple things are hard to do well. Yet when it comes to luxe cotton jersey tops, Livotte London (https://www.livotte.com/) has making simplicity chic down to a science. Sustainable science, that is. “We are a female lead brand whose ethos focuse on wonderful quality, long lasting elevated basics that can be easily machine washable,” explains Beth Pollak, a cofounder, whose Floridian footprint includes winters in Boca Raton and Delray Beach.” Here is how this perfect little T gets its perfectly right.

“All of our production is done in Britain and our fabric is sourced from a mill in the UK as well.” “Our fabric is 96% organic combed cotton sourced in the EU with 4% branded Lycra. No rayon, polyester or elastane.”

“The cotton is bespoke to us and our fashion colors are created by us as well.”

“Our tops have been tested to 200 machine washes for shrinkage, pilling and colorfastness so we are the opposite of fast fashion. Wear, wash, love, repeat!” 



Unlike other fitness fads of mega loud proportions, Rise Nation doesn’t count on astrophysical pull to create corporeal momentum. After all, there’s a reason why Rise Nation, a climbing workout developed by the renowned Los Angeles trainer, Jason Walsh, burns nearly twice as many calories as other cardio programs. The participant earns every foot of elevation climbed on Versaclimber, with no spring to help the rise. Considered an intuitive motion for the human body, rising aligns the spine and engages all major muscle groups with zero impact. The only bang you might be feeling is the beat of music. 3814 NE 1st Ave Miami.



Hard to believe but one of Miami’s epicenters of intellectual pursuits is celebrating four decades of its storied existence. Founded in 1982, the local and independent Books & Books has not only survived the evolution of “in demand” neighborhoods that often pushed the shop out as well as the ebb and flow of our collective relationship with paper print; for many book warms and fans of nostalgia the shop on Coconut Grove remains a shiny beacon of light. To mark this occasion, expect a yearlong celebration peppered with street parties, author appearances and a slew of activations to mark the past and look forward to Book & Book’s the next chapter. 3409 Main Hwy, Coconut Grove.


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