Eye on Design

Who better to turn to for advice on unforgettable objects than Jennifer Roberts, the chief executive officer of Design Miami. Here are some of her favorite pieces.

1 /The Stacked Stone Endtable —Antique Verde Marble, Ian Collings presented by The Future Perfect is influenced by the designer’s immersion in the natural world. Themes of emergence and interconnectedness are at the core of Colling’s work.

2 / Lamellae Lamp, presented by Volume Gallery is a collaboration between designer Sam Stewart and couture seamstress, Victoria Yee Howe. It is meticulously crafted — made with almost 18 yards of raw muslin and gives off a Noguchi-esque warm light, which I love.

3 / The Yellow Gourd, Jiha Moon presented by Mindy Solomon Gallery is rooted in Moon’s reflections and personal experiences of cultural translation and assimilation.

4 / James de Wulf is known for his innovative work with concrete design, fusing concrete technology with natural forms. The Exo Bronz Locking Round is part of the EXO series, an exploration of nature’s growth patterns.

5 / The Stack of Three Painted Shaker Oval Storage Boxes, presented by John Keith Russell includes three oval boxes made around the 19th century in New Lebanon, New York, the founding community of the Shakers.

6 / The knot Spatial Drawing #52, by Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl presented by Hostler Burrows intuitively twists and turns through space. This leaves the work up to various interpretations.

7 / This melded Peacock Weathervane, presented by Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts, was once part of Florence Knoll Bassett’s collection, a pioneering designer and entrepreneur.

8 / The Bolotas Armchair, Estudio Campana presented by Friedman Benda is part of a new iteration of the Campana Brothers’ iconic Bolotas collection; Vibrant Amarelo. This chair is even more comfortable than it looks!

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