Nilüfer Bracco, the founder and CEO of niLuu, set out to create a luxury brand rooted in social and environmental ethos. The result is a PETA-Approved vegan silk and cruelty-free loungewear that’s as gorgeous as it is sustainable.


Tell us about niLuu? niLuu is a brand that embodies refined comfort with an earth-positive footprint. Founded in 2020, it celebrates the sophistication of traditional silk but gives it a purposeful twist with cruelty-free vegan silk. niLuu’s core ethos is sustainability, merging luxury with an eco-conscious approach.

What attracted you to sustainable practices? I believe in creating fashion that not only looks good but does good. The future of our planet is intertwined with the choices we make today. By incorporating sustainable practices, I can ensure that niLuu stands for responsibility and intention.

How did you obtain a PETA stamp of approval? We’ve been working with PETA since we started because we both believe in ‘no animal cruelty.’ Our goal with niLuu is to create luxury products in a sustainable way. That’s why our supplier got Vegan label certification, which confirms that no animal proteins are used in the whole manufacturing process. I think PETA was really keen to partner with a brand like niLuu, which is offering a sustainable vegan silk alternative that feels even more luxurious than traditional silk. A lot of people don’t know about the harsh, unnecessary way silkworms are killed to make traditional silk yarn. We want to change that.

Describe your design process. My design process starts pretty simply. I imagine what I’d want to wear. I naturally but diligently follow fashion, so I’m always up to date with the trends that will inform my next steps. There’s no rigid process to go from imagination to creating and delivering products. Sometimes I do light sketching and prepare mood boards as a starting point. Other times, I think about how existing pieces can evolve to align with trends and expectations.

How do niLuu clients embrace your design ethos? The ideal niLuu client is someone who deeply values both style and substance. They have a strong appreciation for luxury, evident in their love for the luxurious feel and effortlessly chic styles of niLuu. But it’s not just about aesthetics for them. They are environmentally conscious and deeply aligned with niLuu’s mission and purpose, emphasizing sustainability and animal cruelty. So, whether they are lounging at home or stepping out, wearing niLuu is a statement for them. It reflects their commitment to elegance, grace, and taking care of our planet and living creatures.

What’s the inspiration behind your latest collection? The “Grace Collection” is a celebration of empowerment and elegance. Drawing from the idea that strength and grace coexist, I wanted to create pieces that empower individuals while encapsulating timeless beauty.

Is there anyone who inspires you in fashion? When conceptualizing niLuu, I was inspired by brands that effortlessly merged luxury with sustainability, those that celebrated beauty without compromising on ethics. While niLuu is uniquely its own, brands like Stella McCartney, with their dedication to cruelty-free luxury, were certainly aspirational touchpoints.

What’s next for niLuu? We are always evolving at niLuu, and while I don’t want to spill all the beans, I can tell you that our upcoming collections will take our commitment to sustainability and innovative design even further. We are planning to broaden our range, reaching out to more people and cementing niLuu’s position in the sustainable luxury world. Our focus is always on growing the brand, and we hope to inspire more and more brands to adopt environmentally and socially sustainable fabrics and practices, without any animal cruelty involved.


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