Perceived as a male-dominated hobby, watch collecting hasn’t stopped these three ladies from embarking on their own horological journeys filled with whimsy, nostalgia, and some stunning pieces.


THE DEBUTANT: Amanda Harris For this marketing executive and a neophyte to the world of watches, intrigue began when she attended a luxury watch event hosted by the Novela Watch Collectors Club in Miami. She became fascinated by timepieces as accessories and as art investments. Harris’ first big purchase, a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, holds a special meaning. She bought it while traveling solo in Europe last summer. Said acquisition represents a milestone, celebrating her independence and a strategic investment play. For those beginning their collections, she stresses a fearless pursuit of one’s interests, connection with fellow collectors, and engaging with resources like watch clubs.

THE CO-PILOT: Claudia Lares An aspirational lifestyle can easily be attributed to Claudia Lares. It is also the theme of her growing collection, inspired, in part, by Lares’ husband’s passion for watches. A treasured vintage Rolex GMT in gold was a surprise “push present” celebrating the couple’s first child. She now curates an eclectic mix of pieces aligned with her routine as a mother—sturdy sports models that can complement outfits that span from the gowns for galas to athleisure for mommy duty. At the onset of her watch adventure, Claudia accompanied her husband to horological happenings. These days, she is stepping out on her own. One of her most memorable events took place in Cartagena, Colombia, where she connected with new friends, all united by a shared hobby and the appreciation for the sentimental value timepieces can provide.

THE CONNOISSEUR: Stephy Morales Coincidentally, Stephy Morales’ starter watch was also a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso. Influenced by her polo-aficionado grandfather and a passionate collector of a husband, Morales’ is now the custodian of a prized rainbow Rolex Daytona that’s been passed on in her family for generations. She manages to balance her colorful personal style with a collection that features some of the best blue-chip watches around, like the rose gold Patek Philippe Nautilus that offers a versatile yet subtle pop of color. She relishes in all aspects of collecting. From the excitement of acquisition to honoring family history, Morales is keen on expanding her watch knowledge and the assemblage of goodies as bold and memorable as Morales herself.

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