How Life Time is revolutionizing well-being.


Amid the opulence and dynamic real estate of South Florida, Life Time is redefining the essence of health clubs, transforming them into sanctuaries of holistic wellness. Susan Setna is at the helm of this lavish revolution. Her journey, from a teacher in India to a hospitality manager at the prestigious Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, epitomizes a blend of global expertise and passion for well-being.

Under Setna’s leadership, the Palm Beach Gardens location, which opened two years ago, has become a beacon of Life Time’s innovative approach. “When we arrived, South Florida’s east coast had little to offer that matched the elevated lifestyle of Palm Beach Gardens,” Setna explains. With the region experiencing a surge in economic growth, Life Time seized the moment to introduce a unique wellness concept tailored to the affluent transplants seeking more than just a place to exercise.

Life Time transcends the conventional gym experience, emerging as a haven where every facet of a vibrant lifestyle is nurtured. With over 230 weekly classes, and spaces for social activities from pickleball to intimate café gatherings, it cultivates a thriving community bonded by shared passions. Setna emphasizes, “Our mission is to intertwine our members’ lives with their wellness aspirations, whether it’s through high-energy training sessions, pilates, or enriching our younger members’ lives in our Kids Academy.”

The expansion of Life Time across South Florida, with bespoke facilities in Palm Beach Gardens, Boca Raton, Coral Gables, and Miami at the Falls, introduces a new era of wellness tailored for the modern professional and the wellness aficionado. The Palm Beach Gardens location boasts elegantly crafted lounges, while Coral Gables hosts the pioneering Life Time Living—a $500 million holistic village melding luxurious 495 residences with an athletic resort and co-working spaces, epitomizing the zenith of convenience and opulence for a fully integrated lifestyle.

Life Time’s ambition stretches far beyond geographical growth; it’s about weaving health and wellness into the very fabric of daily life. “Imagine a place where wellness is the adventure—the Disneyland of wellness,” Setna muses, showcasing Life Time’s vision as a lifestyle beacon, not merely a physical fitness destination.

As Life Time continues to flourish in Florida, Setna’s excitement is palpable for the future and the opportunity to mentor her team. “Our journey is about impactful connections, not only through our state-of-the-art facilities but in the hearts of those we serve,” she reflects. The expansion of Life Time in South Florida signifies more than the opening of new clubs; it’s a bold reimagining of the health club as a cornerstone of the luxury lifestyle, setting a new benchmark for wellness and community.


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