At the core of Bernardo Möller’s itinerary one will find creativity, hustle, and some really good food. The creator of House of Bō, a Miami-based, gender neutral, and naturally derived fragrance line with a global reach, gives us a peek into a typical day.


6AM I always wake up and do a 15-minute meditation in my bed before I look at my phone or think about the rest of my day.

7AM I go for a 40-minute run around Hibiscus and Palm Islands, where I live. That’s also where I get a lot of ideas and creative motivation.

8AM The most exciting part of my day, I sit down in my home office and start working with a clear mind. I take care of all my calls, emails, etc.

10AM On Zoom calls. There is always one with our perfumers to talk about House of Bō’s next fragrance. A lot of my inspiration comes from memories, dreams, and experiences. There are a lot of specific risks I have to take, but that’s part of being creative. I follow that call with a Zoom check in with our marble cap artisans in Mexico to talk about the design for our new bottle caps. Last, but not least, I’m “zooming” with Harrods about a potential partnership with us.

1PM I always fast in the mornings; it keeps me focused and motivated. I break my fast with a vegan protein shake combined with supplements.

2PM Staff training at one of our Neiman Marcus locations to talk all things perfume.

3PM Business lunch with Ed from Ed Berrios Design, a local multi-disciplinary interior-design practice. We meet at Mandolin in the Design District, bar none my favorite restaurant.

4PM More meetings…this time at Patron of the New in Miami Design District, one of the local retailers that carries House of Bō.

5PM Back on the beach. Checking in with Gabriela Medina at Abba to talk about the 50-person Latin American Fashion Summit dinner event we are throwing at Fendi Chateau.

6PM I hit the gym at Anatomy for a light weight training routine.

8PM I join my friends at Soho House on the second floor for a bite. I never miss an opportunity to stop by the hotel’s boutique to spray some La Mar by House of Bō before I leave for the night.


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