Lift Foils, the company behind the original electric hydrofoil, has released the new LIFT3 F, a line that introduces a proprietary fiberglass blend in two new sizes and features two battery choices, with the full range hitting 100 minutes of ride time. The result is the most stable and user-friendly eFoil made to date. “There’s a certain serenity in getting up and flying over the water,” explains Nick Leason, Lift Foils’ founder, who is also an engineer and a devoted surfer. “The access to power creates a smooth, linear — almost intuitive — response from the body.” Locals can try the LIFT3 F at Lift Foils’ partner retailers across the tri-county area. Those without surfing experience need not worry; instructors take riders through the step-by-step of mounting and riding the boards on calm waters. “A lot of people might think ‘it’s too hard for me to do,’ but I can assure them that I can get them out in 15-20 minutes,” adds Leason. “The idea of getting over the water is more like yoga than surfing. It’s about breathing and relaxing.”

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