KT Tunstall Rocks On


Singer/songwriter KT Tunstall’s burst onto the music scene with her 2004 multi-platinum debut, Eye to the Telescope, which spawned the global hits “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” and “Suddenly I See.” Her latest solo album, Nut, is the final entry of a trilogy of records addressing the concepts of soul, body, and mind. Touring has consumed much of 2023 for the Scottish musical virtuoso, which will include a handful of dates across Florida this September.


In one word what does your latest album Nut means to you. Freedom.

Electric guitar or acoustic? Acoustic, always with an amp and a bunch of FX pedals.

Full Band or solo? Full band.

Road or studio? Studio.

Favorite pre-show meal? 4PM ribeye steak.

What’s your dressing room must-have? A mirror!

Favorite thing to do to unwind, post-show. Whisky and soda enjoyed with a friend.

Go-to cocktail? Spicy Margarita. Dirty Martini if the bartender looks experienced.

Most influential musician. Beck.

A surprising musician you love. Leftfield.

Artist you’re dying to collaborate with. Jack White.

You’ve been delving into scoring musical theater. Favorite musical? Bugsy Malone.

You’re stranded on an island for a year. What is the one book and one album you’ll need. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari and Immunity by Jon Hopkins.

What can we expect from your tour this fall? Brand new solo versions of a selection of songs from my album Face To Face with Suzi Quatro.

What’s next for you? I have a musical theatre show going on stage in London, so I’ll be working hard to finish the music for that!

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