Emmy award-winning television host and natural foods chef Daphne Oz constantly keeps our taste buds sizzling. Through her friendly demeanor and serious cooking chops, Oz developed a cult following of over 1 million fans eager to follow her tips and ideas. As she heads back to the studio to film the next season of “The Dish,” Oz gets candid on all-things food, fun, and family.

You in three words. Curious, fun, and mother-hen.

Your dream job back when you were a kid? There was a time when I wanted to be a vet, a spy, and, ultimately, a doctor. Eventually became television host and cook.

First food memory? I was the oldest of four children and always spent my time in the kitchen. I loved to eat! It was natural to find a way to make [food] happen professionally in my life.

Your major at Princeton University? Near Eastern Studies.

And your food philosophy is… My healthy moments should feel as celebratory as my indulgent ones!

Name three best meals. The most amazing fresh fish tacos and onion rings with a cocktail in Hawaii; a perfect roast chicken with thin shoe fries; and dollar slice pizza with my husband on a NYC corner.

How many days a week do you cook? On average, four to five full meals each week.

Last thing that made you LOL?
My littlest daughter Gigi is such a riot. She and my other kids invented a game where they bartered for sea glass while picking up shells on the
beach. There was one piece everyone wanted, and Gigi said it was hers. She did this shoulder shrug and said, “my sea glass!” Got to
love a 2-year-old daring people to fight.

Best advice from your dad, Dr. Oz? “You can’t catch the ball when you’re not standing on the field.” He’s all about the analogies, and this is a useful one.

If you had to invite three people to lunch… I’m going British! Winston Churchill, Nigel Watson, and Princess Diana. Your spirit animal? A dolphin. They’re smart, playful, and live with no-fear, which are my three goals. Plus, they’re always in gorgeous locations!

Most random item in your kitchen? A jade Buddha head that used to be part of my crystal garden, but it’s slowly been stolen by my children, so this is all that remains.

The key to balancing life with four kids is… Knowing when you need alone time to take a breather and knowing how to structure ways for them to entertain each other. My dad was in medical school when I was born and gone from 5am to 10pm . Our time together was short but concentrated and full of so much fun and him really being present. My mom was always holding the fort.

Biggest misconception about you? When I was originally on “The Chew,” people thought of me as “the healthy one,” and if you’re the healthy one, you never indulge.

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