How Maya Memovic and Alex Srour, the owners of Resort brand AZULU, make Miami Swim Week work.


5:30AM I wake up early and have some “me time” before starting the day, which means drinking warm lemon water and practicing pilates, yoga, and meditation. Then I watch the sunrise every morning, which I’ve enjoyed since moving to Miami.

7:00 AM My daughters wake up for school, so my next hour involves helping them get ready. After mom duties, I shower and jot down my ‘To Do’ list since the preparations for Swim Week will add more strain to my already busy schedule. I usually try to get my everyday tasks out of the way first. I meet with my development, production, and sourcing teams in Colombia and respond to any new or outstanding emails.

10:30 AM I get on the phone or run out to meetings. During Fashion Week, these meetings could be anything, including fittings and walk-throughs, purchasing last-minute decorations, meeting with jewelry or shoe designers to finalize styling touches, approving show playlists with the DJ, press interviews… the list goes on. I try to accomplish as much as possible and make final choices at every meeting. This late in the game, we can not leave anything hanging!

2:00 PM I typically have lunch on the run — takeout or delivery. I check on our teams in Colombia and answer any urgent incoming emails. My days are so varied; I may need to hop on a meeting to discuss our AZULU stores in Miami, expansion plans with partners, etc.

3:00 PM We pick up our daughters from school and spend a bit of quality time with them. We either help them with homework or take them to an activity.

4:30 PM It’s back to work. I update the long file of any new decisions, photos, and outstanding tasks for the show. This Swim Week will be intense because we will also be shooting our Resort lookbook, meaning that we must scout, cast, shoot, and select photos all in time for the show. I also take this time to focus on spring development, specifically sketching, sourcing, and researching the next collection!

7:30 PM We’ll order food or eat out as a family. We usually enjoy cooking dinner, but due to the week’s intensity, we do what we can.

10:00 PM I take a quick shower and focus on my skincare routine. Then, I wind down and stream a good show on Netflix or HBOMax. I’m obsessed with the new season of Succession, Beef and Queen Charlotte.

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