Top of her Game

As a designer and founder of an eponymous fashion line and boutiques across the country, Michelle Farmer is as timelessly elegant

as her wildly successful Bettina gown — aka a staple of every woman who jets between the Hamptons, Aspen, and Palm Beach. Here is

how this stylish savant puts together her sartorial signature.


Your personal style signifier is a crisp white “Garçon” shirt with beautiful denim and a pair of Manolo Blahniks.

The last thing you bought and loved was a vintage gown from Chanel.

What is on your wish list? A gorgeous pair of diamond and emerald earrings that I’ve had my eye on for a birthday gift. Hint hint… in case my husband Peter reads this!

Your favorite room in your house is my front porch; its my happy place. We love to watch the boats go by and to entertain friends there, or just to curl up with a book.

The best souvenirs you’ve brought home are beach rocks from the last time I walked on the beach with my dad before he passed away.

The last music you downloaded was from SOFI TUKKER.

An indulgence you would never forgo is fresh-cut flowers in the house.

What fitness routine will always get you going? Pilates with Lisa Gordon.

The style advice you live by is keep it effortless. If it does not make you feel beautiful then get rid of it!

The place you can’t wait to return to is Corsica.

The last meal that truly impressed you was my husband’s fish tacos.

If you weren’t doing what you do, you would be an architect. 

Your secret passion is renovating homes.

What is one of your favorite collections? anything Oscar de la Renta.

The accessory you’ll pass on to your niece is my jewelry collection.

The beauty staple you’ll never be without is Zo Skin Health Renewal Crème.

The one artist whose work you would collect if you could is Hunt Slonem.

An object you would never part with is my dad’s U.S. Air Force flight pin.

What is always in your fridge? Eggs, arugula, ice tea, Champagne, and fresh ginger.

You feel most comfortable when I am with my family.

What do you do when you need to feel inspired? I travel.

Your next real estate splurge will be a house in Corsica.

To you, Florida is a little slice of heaven. Every day is beautiful.


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