The man behind vast financial investments, one of Art Basel Miami Beach most coveted parties, and a roster of celebrity friends that rivals the Vanity Fair Oscar Party guestlist, Wayne Boich is adding another notch to his enviable accomplishments. Inspired by passion for padel, Boich is growing the world of this fast-paced sport across multiple verticals. His Reserve Padel Miami Seaplane Base, opened last year, is fast becoming the place to smash and slice.

Post Reserve Cup mood… Excitement. Coming off the heels of the inaugural Reserve Cup this past weekend, we are extremely enthusiastic and grateful with the success of the tournament. Padel: sport or leisure? Athleisure— Padel is a sport you can play in a leisurely way, but it’s incredibly dynamic and the higher the level the more you appreciate the athleticism involved, which is ultimately a big part of the appeal of padel. Fill in the blank: Jimmy Butler is… an amazing and loyal friend, as well as a fellow padel enthusiast. One thing athletes and entrepreneurs have in common is… Fire in the belly and an undeniable drive to win and succeed. I wish Miami had… More padel courts. Favorite city in U.S. besides the one you live in? New York City—the energy is truly unique. Who was your childhood hero? As a lifelong Dolphin’s fan, I’d have to call out Dan Marino as my childhood idol. One aspect of your expertise or passion that stands out is… My ability to cultivate meaningful relationships in business and to build a highly loyal team. Essential elements for an unforgettable party include… Creating the right environment, having a good group of people and your core group of friends, with great music. Guilty pleasure… Sneaking chocolate with my son… without letting my wife know. Biggest fail… Failures are inevitable. While I’ve definitely encountered setbacks along the way, I believe what’s truly important is how you rebound from those moments and stay determined to keep pushing forward. Childhood nickname… Waynie. Ideal superpower… Fountain of Youth would be my superpower of choice. Know of anyone who can make that happen? If granted an endless abundance of one item or resource, what would you opt for? I would undoubtedly choose life, each and every time. What was the most recent song you downloaded or listened to? ‘Elevate’ by Night Tales Spirit Animal? Eagle.


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